Who can submit artwork?

Teachers from state secondary schools can submit their students' work to the NSAE for selection.  Please refer to - 2018 Entry in the menu bar for details.

What is the limit to the number of works a school can submit to the NSAE selection process?

We encourage schools to submit high quality work of excellence to the NSAE.  This can be any number of works but we would encourage teachers to restrict the submissions to around twelve.  If you find your task of selection difficult and you have more than twelve, please contact us at info@89q.884.myftpupload.com.

Can we submit a digital image of the work instead of sending the work itself for the selection panel?

We do not accept digital images of the work for the selection process as often scale and detail are lost - the panel select by close inspection of the actual piece which will then go to the gallery.  We will, however, accept digital images of larger scale and 3D works prior to selection purely to advise whether they should be sent in - this prevents unnecessary postage costs for work we would not be able to exhibit in the gallery.  It is not often that we cannot exhibit a piece of 3D work, we embrace all mediums of art work and encourage 3D work where possible.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Please email info@89q.884.myftpupload.com with any questions or queries.  Unfortunately we are unable to answer queries by telephone but will aim to respond to emails the same day.

Can I deliver the work in person rather than use a courier?

Yes! We encourage schools to deliver their work in person where at all possible as this often ensures the work arrives in good condition.  We can arrange to be available to receive your work at any time, evenings or weekends.  Please email, info@89q.884.myftpupload.com to let us know when you would like to deliver your work.

What do we do if our moderation date is after the deadline?

If you are submitting exam work and your moderation leaves you short of time to meet the delivery deadline please make contact with us asap via info@89q.884.myftpupload.com.  We will do all we can to arrange alternative ways for you to still get the work into the selection process.  However, we will require all Exhibitor Details submitted by the deadline.